What is city-RAS system?

This is the future aquaculture system with hydroponics system that would be conducted in buildings inside a city or suburb. This system can provide agro-fishery products direct to consumer with cheaper price by removing retail margin or logistical cost and with more reliability by operating direct trading marketplace including restaurants. It also provides educational effect and can bring better results by using high-tech methods like high-density RAS system and Aquaponics. Various species of fish can be cultured in this system by dividing systems.


- Multi-layered MCR tanks : Use multi-layerd MCR tanks of 2~5 layers for minimizing land use. (ABS square tank, PVC square tank)
- Hydroponics,Aquaponics : Cultivations are possible simultaneously - Vegetables for frech water, Algae for salt water

Major Species

Eels, flat fish, flounder, etc.