Aquaponics (Eco-circulating aquaculture)

Aquaponics is the combined system of 'Recirculating Aquaculture System' and 'Hydroponics System' so that aquaculture and vegetable culture are conducted at the same time in one combined system.

In recirculating system, a small amount of water is reused for large amount of fish in compact space. In this process, toxic substances are removed for water recycling but non-toxic substances such as nutrients, organic matter are stimulated in the water. In closed-RAS system, amount of daily water change is very small, under 5%, so its concentration is getting close to the nutrient water used in hydroponics culture by stimulating dissolved nutrients. These dissolved nutrients which is excreted by fish or its decomposed materials by microbes play a role in helping vegetables grow, so if we use these fish metabolic by-products to vegetable culture for additional economical value. Also, we can use this for water quality control in aquaculture system. In other words, fish excrement is organic fertilizer for vegetable that filter the recycling water naturally. This is the symbiosis of the fish-vegetable relationship, and it is the reason that Aquaponics is more eco-friendly aquaculture system.

Other Application: Kindergarten, Education tool for ecosystem in elementary school, home aquaponics, interior, research institutions


▶ Aquaponics system design and consulting
▶ Aquaculture equipment supply : ABS rearing tank, Cleaner, compact ABS drum screen, compact filter, water recirculating system
▶ Hydroponics equipment supply : Hydroponics panel/pot/soil, Lighting fixtures, Hydroponics vegetable seed