What is 'High-density Recirculting System'?

High Density RAS is literally the fishfarm system to rear fish in high-density by reuse of purified water through filtration devices continually. The 1st stage filtering device removes the fish feces and sludge from feeds which are the most serious problems in fish farming. Secondly, ammonia, nitrite and harmful gases are removed by microorganisms. Lastly, recirculating water is controlled to keep the near 1st grade water quality for specified species through artificial processing. We had adopted aquaculture system from Europe (Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands) and have restructured it by combining a high-tech water management technology of environmental management field. "24 cycles per day" is the norm in our RAS system.

System Process

- Process A: Simple filtration system, Seed producing farm, Marine species

- Process B : General recirculting system (eel, flatfish, trout, rearing farm)

- Process C : intensive recirculating system (Research organizations, educational institutions, high-priced species, rearing farm)