Oxygen Generator

- Wide range of choices over 10 kinds according to volume needed due to parallel connection of 3~36 units of oxygen generator
- Economical by operating units separately to suit customer's needs (power-saving effect)
- Stable supply of oxygen with the rest units when 1~2 units are being checked or out of order.
- Cost saving of oxygen of 50% compared with using liquified oxygen due to producing high purity oxygen endlessly using eletricity only.
- More stable supply of oxygen than liquified oxygen and having little risk of missing replacement time of oxygen cylinders

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Oxygen diffuser

- Maximized oxygen diffusing efficiency by making longer contact time between water and oxygen using multi-cell method.
- Resupply system of remained oxygen in the container.
- Various material (Stainless steel / FRP / PVC / ABS )

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FVO-25 25 D250 x H1200 x 1TANK D80 x 4
FVO-32 32 D300 x H1200 x 1TANK D80 x 6
FVO-60 60 D300 x H1200 x 2TANK D80 x 12
FVO-100 100 D300 x H1800 x 3TANK D100 x 12

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Egg incubator - drawer type

- Functions of constant temperature&humidity, and sterilizing
- Monitoring function of temperature and humidity
- Microfiltration performance of recirculating water

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4-trays 603 X 635 X h438
8-trays 603 X 635 X h819
12-trays 603 X 635 X h1264
16-trays 603 X 635 X h1753

UV sterilizer

- Excellent efficiency due to making closer contact distance with using non-quartz tube type.
- Maximizing processing efficiency by adopting reflector in UV lamp tube.
- Easy maintenance by minimizing scale on outside surface of UV lamp.
- Various material (Stainless steel / PVC / ABS )

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FVUV-10 10 49W X 2
FVUV-20 20 49W X 4
FVUV-32 32 75W X 4
FVUV-50 50 100W X 4
FVUV-75 75 100W X 6
FVUV-100 100 100W X 8