Multi-function Filtration Equipment

- Cleaner, Drum screen, pressure filter, oxygen diffuser, and UV sterilizer are united to perform perfect mechanical filtration function
- Our know-hows of 25 years are concentrated into this product.


Features of each part

▶ Drumcleaner (Cleaner / Drum screen integrated)
- Integrated cleaner and drum screen in one body (option for automatic cleaner)
- No worries of corrosion for seawater use due to ABS material.
- Can be used semipermanently
▶ Pressure filter
- substitute for existing pressure sand filter with excellent filtration perfprmance
- Manual/Automatic back washing function according to sludge clogging (option)
- Included filtration media can be used for semipermanently which is once installed then no need to replace.

▶ Integrated oxygen diffuser, UV sterilizer
- Oxygen diffusing and UV sterilizing functions are conducted at the same time.


- 1㎥/hr ~ 100㎥/hr


- Perfect filtration system for seed production facility with a short production period.
- R&D system for a specific species
- Can be used for curing in a specific tank with a movable product (option)