'Aquaculture Drum Screen' has been developed by Fishvil.

▶ In 1996, Drum Screen for fishfarm was developed and installed for the first time in Korea.
('Yedang susan' in Chungcheongnam-do Province)

- The unique type of discharging sludge through the shaft for the first time in the world.
- Developed and applied Drum Screen with adopting oilon-bearing for the first time in the world.

▶ In 2015, we have developed ABS Drum Screen for the first time in the world.

- Light-weight and easy to transport, install, and maintain the equipment.
- No worries of corrosion for seawater.
- The removal of microscopic sludge up to 25 micrometers is possible.
- Full automatic system (Automatic operation sensing the sludge volume)
- Injection-molded removable screen for easy maintenance.
- Lower price and shorter production period than drum screen made of STS(stanilless steel).
- Wide-ranging processing capacity from subminiature(1m3/hr) to extra-large(2,000m3/hr).


Model Size 
(Drum diameter X Drum length)
FV-300 300 x 400 10㎥/hr
FV-500 500 x 400 30㎥/hr
FV-600 600 x 600 60㎥/hr
FV-800 800 x 800 100㎥/hr
FV-1000 1000 x 1000 160㎥/hr
FV-1200 1200 x 1600 300㎥/hr
FV-1500 1500 x 2000 500㎥/hr
FV-1800 1800 x 2200 600㎥/hr
FV-2000 2000 x 2400 750㎥/hr